On the 20th and 21st of November 2000, more 200 Members of the Parliament with Italian origins gathered in the Italian Chamber of Deputies, in representation of 27 national Parliaments.

An extraordinary gathering, as underlined by the Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi: “Our Latin tradition teaches us that the “Res Publica” is the highest honor and the greatest responsibility. To hold an elective position in the countries that welcomed You is the surest sign not only of Your personal merits, but also of the prestige achieved by the Italian community. The vote that appointed You, is the manifestation of the trust of electorates by a small part formed by people of Italian origins: it is a success that honors Italy. (…) This first meeting of the MPs with Italian origins must encourage ourselves to consolidate the bonds between countries that share common goals; (…) The emerging of an Italian-being, that you represent politically, in a world made smaller and more integrated thanks to the modern technologies, gives shape to a great strength in our international relationships. You are a presence of great value, a motivation to do more, a resource of comprehension and goodwill. The Italian cultural identity expresses an heritage, cultural and spiritual, confirmed in the sentiment of an international community, centuries before the political and institutional union of the country. It establishes an unifying element in two directions: repays memory and pride to our homeland; enriches the identity of Your nations.”

In lieu was approved at unanimity the proposition to create an association of MPs with Italian origins in the world, as an instrument finalized to ‘’improve also in the future the convergences emerged in the occasion of their meeting’’.

The non-profit association, created in accordance with the decisions taken on the 20th and 21st of November, 2000, at the ” First Conference of Parliamentarians of Italian origin in the world ” held at the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament – aims, among the associated and outwards, to:

  • promote mutual understanding and friendly relations between the Italian members of the parliament and MPs of Italian origin in the world and, more generally, with foreign citizens with Italian origins who have held institutional positions in the governments of their countries;
  • fully develop the potential of participating in a shared cultural matrix, inherited from the generations protagonists of the Italian emigration in the world, beyond the diversity of the belonging nations and the political options;
  • contribute to the expansion of the network of mutually beneficial relationships amongst their corresponding countries and between them and Italy, through every most suitable initiative of cooperation;
  • promote a common commitment to peace and the prevention of conflicts;
  • promote everywhere the protection of human rights and to guarantee social rights, supporting specific initiatives of the international community, even within their respective parliaments;
  • promote awareness of the value of cultural diversity as a core element of sustainable and durable development of individuals, communities and countries;
  • recognize the essential value of dialogue between cultures to ensure peace in the World and the nonviolent and harmonious coexistence among peoples;
  • promote positive actions against intolerance and discrimination; fight against poverty and inequality in the world, knowing that the Italian emigration was largely determined by the commitment to improve living conditions characterized by hardships and deprivations;
  • elaborate analyses and adequate tools to the opportunities and problems posed by the globalized dimension of the international relationships, with particular attention to the definition of universal and effective strategies suitable to address the major issues affecting the planet.

Can join the Association:

  • citizens of Italian origin who, are or were members of national parliaments or the European Parliament;
  • foreign citizens of Italian origin, who despite never having held a parliamentary mandate, held, in the past, positions in the national government of their country;
  • Italian citizens, components or past components, of the Italian or European Parliament.