Gianni Pittella


MEP of the Partito Democratico. President of the Socialists and Democrats Group at the European Parliament.

Medical Doctor. Already Municipal Councilor and Councilor and Assessor of the Basilicata region.

Elected to the Camera dei Deputati in 1996 and in 1999 in the European Parliament, where he became first vice-president in June 2014.

By leader of the Socialists and Democrats, has pledged to tackle inequalities through supporting growth and employment in the EU.

Author of several books, including: “A new South. Social cohesion and sustainable strategies from the South for 2020“,”A Brief History of the Future of the United States of Europe“, “On the brink of the abyss“,”The lame duck. Europe without a state, currency and markets without governed economy“,”Europe is indispensable. Among nationalistic pressures and globalized world“.

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