Franco Danieli

Lawyer, elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the XII and XIII legislatures, was leader of your Party in the Foreign Affairs Committee; appointed Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with responsibility for: bilateral relationships with the countries of the American continent; the promotion of the Italian culture and Italians in the world.

Initiated the phase of the signing and ratification of the European Landscape Convention. He organized the “First Conference of Italians in the World” and the “First meeting of MPs of Italian origin in the world”, founding its association.

Elected to the Senate in the XIV and XV legislatures, has been Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committee, President of the Italian section of the Interparliamentary Union for relations with the countries of the former Soviet Union and member of the Italian parliamentary delegation to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and that of the WEU in Paris.

Appointed Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2006 with responsibility for Italians in the world, has been one of the protagonists of the allocation of the Expo 2015 in Milan.

He founded the CENRI (Center for International Relations) and directed the magazine of Geopolitical Studies “Analisi XXI”.

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