Anna Finocchiaro


Senator. Region of election: Puglia

Parliamentary Group: Partito Democratico.

Component of the Committees: Constitutional Affairs (Chairman); Committee on Regulations.

A former MP in the Camera dei deputati in the legislatures: X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV

Former Senator in legislatures: XV, XVI

Magistrate. During her parliamentary mandates was vice president of the Parliamentary Commission for the Reform of the Criminal Procedure Code (1988), component for the Committee for Authorisation to proceed to trial from 1996 1987 and president of the same council from 1994 to 1996; Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Group PDS-Progressisti Federativo 1992-1994; chief in the Judiciary Committee from 1994 to 1996; member of the Parliamentary Committee for proceedings for the prosecution and member of the Special Committee on the subject of childhood.

Minister for Equal Opportunities in the Prodi government, in November 1998, President of the Chamber Judiciary Committee. President of the Senate of the Partito Democratico in the XV and XVI legislature.

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